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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vinyl decal/sticker?

A sticker or decal is really the same thing, it is a design cut from a solid piece of vinyl. There is no background color. In the below picture your sticker would be the black portion of the horse, if you placed this on a red surface the white portion in the below picture would be red. Vinyl is rated by years, all of our vinyl is rated for at least 6 years.

How do you install a sticker?

Please see the "Install link" near the top right hand column we have pictures and a description showing how easy this is.

What size is the sticker?

If the height and width of your sticker fits in a 6" x 6" box your price is $4.00. A 6" will be 6" tall or 6" wide, or both,

based on the shape of the sticker.

Foreign Shipping

We do ship to foreign countries, please contact us for a quote. Include the sticker and size along with

your shipping address.

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