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How to Install

Applying the sticker is easy, just take your time.

Step 1. Clean the window or surface throughly. Use masking tape to

help you place the sticker just where you want it.

Step 2. Using the tape like a hinge, peel back the clear transfer paper from the

white paper. The sticker will remain on the clear transfer paper.

Step 3. With the white paper removed, slowly "roll" the sticker downward.

Step 4. Continue to roll down the sticker. Once the sticker touches the surface

you are applying it to, you must continue if you try to start over you will ruin the


Step 5. Once you have the sticker all the way down smooth it unto the surface.

Step 6. Using a credit card rub the clear transfer paper from the center of the

sticker outward. This will make cause the sticker to adhere to the surface.

Step 7. Slowly pull the clear tranfer paper straight down keeping it close to the

surface. Do not pull the clear transfer paper "away" from the window.

Your sticker is now installed!

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